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USB-A to MFI Lightning Armored Cable, Dark Grey 1.2m

USB-A to MFI Lightning Armored Cable, Dark Grey 1.2m


EAN: 5714590116359

The ProXtend PX-LIGHTNINGAR range of armored cables supports a connection between a male USB-A connector on one side, and a lightning connector on the other. 

Our range of armored cables is reinforced with stainless steel providing extra strength and durability to the cable, preventing it from breaking, fraying and helping protect it from the rigors of everyday use. 

The complete ProXtend Lightning to USB cable range is Apple MFi certified, meaning that the cables have gone through Apple's strict testing process, and are compatible with all Apple devices. The cables are able to detect the power the power requirements of the Apple device they are connected to, and adapt to the device's requirements in order to protect it from overcharging and power surges. 

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