Product packaging


A portion of our product portfolio is oriented towards the retail sector; therefore, these products are available in more appealing packaging.

As one of our core values, information has been put into the forefront of our retail packaging design. The design itself is created to reflect the brand colors and provide as much information about the product and its use as possible. It is important to us that both tech savvy and
non tech savvy customers know exactly what they are getting when they buy ProXtend.

Standard / kraft

Sandard kraft packaging is used for our wider
product portfolio that is not necessarily designed
for the retail sector.

By using kraft packaging instead of retail packaging,
we choose to avoid the use of chemicals and ink involved in printing, which minimizes our production impact on the environment.

Zip-lock bag

When it comes to cable and adapter packaging,
we have opted for the use of plastic zip-lock bags.

This allows us to use a single bag size for a variety of products which in turn means that we produce less packaging overall.

Packaging our products in bags also allows us to ship more product in a single shipment, which adds towards our goal or reducing our impact on CO2 emissions.