Product integration options

Product integration via IceCat

IceCat is a global publisher and syndicator of product content for online and offline channels. Our relationship with IceCat has been built on a strong foundation of trust and collaboration to bring our product data to customers world-wide and completely free of charge.

If you wish to integrate ProXtend products, content, and data to your own webshop, you can do so by creating an IceCat account and importing a list of products you wish to have available on your webshop. To import products, you will need an excel sheet with the part number, brand name and EAN code for each product you wish to import.

Product integration via 1WorldSync

1WorldSync, formerly CNet, allows product data pool creation, management, and makes a large pool of data accessible to users world-wide.

1WorldSync’s product data and content access is country based. Today ProXtend product data and content is available in 6 countries:

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Sweden

Content avaialable for integration

High-quality product images

A product image can be a deciding factor when selecting a product, therefore our focus is on providing a high-quality experience spread across one to eight pictures per product.

Industry-leading product datasheets

Our industry-leading product datasheets feature raw product specifications, a product description, and can span between one to three pages depending on key product information.

Technical drawings

Technical drawings provide a detailed overview of the products, from available sizes and colors to a breakdown of materials used and their quality. Today, technical drawings are available for our extensive range of cables and adapters.

User manuals

User manuals are included with all retail oriented products, and they contain detailed information about the product, its intended use, and troubleshooting options. All user manuals are available in English by default, localization varies depending on the product.