Docking Station Alternatives in a Chip Crisis

Docking Station Alternatives in a Chip Crisis

It is no secret that the great chip shortage of 2021 has put markets and industries to a halt. With many workers still being displaced from the office and having to work from home, the demand for docking stations has increased but due to the chip shortage, as well as the rising material and freight costs many have been forced to look at alternatives.

As a rising brand in the IT options market, ProXtend is managing to not only offer a-brand quality alternatives but also maintain competitive prices and fast delivery times.

Are you looking for a docking station alternative?

The ProXtend USB-C to 4K HDMI Multi Hub transforms your laptop into a fully functioning workstation.  With support for a 4K monitor via the HDMI port, while offering three additional USB-A ports to attach all your peripherals to and a USB-C port that can be used to connect a USB-C to Ethernet adapter to your setup.


Why choose a MultiPort Hub over a docking station?

          Cost-effective - MultiPort Hubs are much more affordable in comparison to docking station while offering a similar set of connection options.

          Portable Simplicity - coming in slightly smaller than a mobile phone, the MultiPort Hub is highly portable and simple to use - simply plug and play.

          Wide range of compatibility - connect your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone to a monitor or TV screen any where, any time.

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